Wavelength Studios’ “Nacho Crystal” Featured in AdAge as Editor’s Pick

October 11, 2021

Studios had the opportunity to create some fun and fresh content for Uber Eats and Taco Bell, featuring the high vibrations of Spencer Pratt to promote the Nacho Crystal, “a talisman designed to bring calm to [Mercury Retrograde-related] chaos.” They worked with the creative agency The Special Group, and built into their ideas to deliver a very successful campaign.

According to AdAge, “The Nacho Crystal looks just as it sounds—a nacho-shaped crystal, adorned with a bit of gold to represent dripping cheese.” In the exclusive Nacho Crystal teaser, the Studios team captured up-close shots of Taco Bell’s newest creation.

Congrats to the Studios team for creating the Nacho Crystal’s psychedelic video teaser! Click here to watch.

Directed by: Zack McTee