Very Different + Very Alike

May 24, 2021

How much does America’s favorite neighbor and Hollywood’s legendary escort have in common? A lot, actually. Won’t You Be My Neighbor and Scotty and The Secret History of Hollywood follow two remarkable men — men who lived in two “very different zip codes.” They were visionaries who courageously helped others pursue self-love and love for humanity.

While Fred Rogers challenged adults to reframe the way they engaged with their children, Scotty Bowers sought to help those who were forbidden from living their truth, find solace in a world determined to marginalize them. Both men exhibit a largesse and sweetness that is almost preternatural and, while they couldn’t have worked in more disparate worlds, there was an uncommon kindness they both possessed.

Wavelength became early supporters of both films because they revealed a common humanity at their core. In a time when kindness was mistaken for weakness, both of these films were bold in their declaration that kindness and humanity never go out of style.