Meet the Recipients of the Second Annual WAVE Grant

January 21, 2021

This year’s recipients include Fiona Kida, Geena Hernandez and duo Camille and Chloe Ramos. The filmmakers received a $5,000 grant as well as mentorship in the producing, development and post-production of their short films as well as fundraising and distribution strategy.

Fiona Kida is a Tanzanian-American filmmaker from Nashville and the writer/director of her short, ‘Blue Hour’. Kida is also composing the score for the short which follows the protagonist Mel whose plans to confess her love to her close friend June are soon upended.

Based in Atlanta, Geena Hernandez loves to write bold, colorful, and female-driven stories that blend genres and mix humanity with hilarity. In addition to working at Bento Box Entertainment, Hernandez is hard at work on her short ‘Chicks’, a horror-comedy about a shy teen who goes to her first slumber party and finds out what girls really do during sleepovers.

Growing up outside of Minneapolis, Camille Ramos shared her love of movies and storytelling with her fraternal twin Chloe. The two are based in Brooklyn, New York and are working together on the short ‘Sticky Fingers’ which follows urban newbie Moll who, feeling isolated and ignored in the big city, develops an unsavory habit to fulfill her desire to be seen.