Pavel Bendov

WE Tell Great F**KIng Stories

Wavelength is an Emmy-Winning film studio committed to developing, producing and financing films that tell great f**king stories. Helmed by Variety’s “2020 Producer to Watch” Jenifer Westphal, Wavelength has produced over 60 films since its founding in 2015.

Scorpio. Water sign. Cannot tolerate bulls**t of any kind. Go figure.
Founder + CEO + Executive Producer

Jenifer Westphal

Cancer. Water Sign. Loyal, protective, intuitive and caring. Also hungry. All. The. Time.

President + Executive Producer

Joe Plummer

Cancer. Water Sign . Professional mind reader.
Head of Legal & Business Affairs

Roz Sedaghat

Gemini. Air. Skilled at the art of seeing both sides.

Head of Multicultural Initiatives & Strategic Partnerships

Brenda Robinson

Aries. Fire Sign. Elevate human potential.

Transformational Coach & Consultant

Susan Taylor

Capricorn. Earth Sign. Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Head of Development

Eric Mahoney

Virgo. Earth Sign. Detail oriented. Creative problem-solver. Envisioning the big picture. Empathetic listener. Happy to help. Skeptic.

Supervising Editor

Joe Fenstermaker

Libra. Air sign. Collaborative and loyal. All things cozy.

Production Manager, Films

Taylor Wildenhaus

Cancer. Water Sign. Meaningful collaboration leads to great sh*t. Certified night owl.

Associate Producer, Films

Jaimi Cooks

Sagittarius. Fire sign. Learn. Grow. Share.

Assistant Editor

Hai-Li Kong

Libra. Air sign. Work hard, play hard.

Production Manager, Studios

Biliana Grozdanova

Leo. Fire Sign. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Production Coordinator, Studios

Emma He

Leo. Fire sign. Start project. Find inspiration. Ride it out. Rinse and repeat.

Content Producer, Studios

Tom Hohle

Taurus. Earth Sign. I’ll either find a way or make one.

Content Producer, Studios

Justin Fischer

Cancer. Water Sign. Giggles. A lot.


Social Media Manager

Ari Wyatt

Aries. Fire Sign. Make it work.

Social Media Editor

Lily Bump

Leo. Fire Sign. Stay Positive. Endure no matter the cost.

Production Assistant, Studios

Travis Martin